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10 Top MMORPGS – Best Online Games & HD Gameplay Videos

Updated! Below is a list of the 10 top MMORPG games. This list will be frequently updated as the positions constantly change with the rise and fall of new and old massively multiplayer online role playing games. High definition gameplay video and links to additional information are included with each of the below Top MMORPGS Games. This list provides you with a list of the best mmorpg games online whether free or subscription based.

1. Aion OnlineAion Online is a relative newcommer. This beautiful MMORPG that allows your character to fly and fight in the air with wings launched in September of 2009. It was instantly popular and Aion Online received over 400,000 pre-orders and stands to make over $80 million in its first 6 months alone. Aion also received an 8/10 score on MetaCritic.

For these reasons it is ranked as the #1 Top 10 MMORPG.

Aion Online: The Tower of Eternity began as a popular game in Korea. It was published by NCsoft and distributed by NCsoft and Shanda and uses the CryEngine.

Aion Online 10 Top MMORPG

Aion Online Walkthrough Video Commentary by 2 WoW Players:

2. Runes of MagicRunes of Magic took the number 1 spot on our list of top free mmorpgs and with over 2 million players it only makes sense that this free-to-play MMORPG would get a spot on this list.

Runes of Magic was developed by Runewaker Entertainment and published by Frogster Interactive. It was released in March of 2009.

Runes of Magic Ice Dwarf HD Trailer:

3. World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft is one of the most famous and most popular massively multiplayer online role playing games in history. It is a now brainer for one of the top 10 MMORPGs. With over 12 million paying WoW subscribers, frequent content updates, and the fact that there is even a World of Warcraft Movie in development, this online game has earned its spot whether you love it or hate it.

WoW is the main title of Blizzard Entertainment and has a long history. It was launched in November of 2004 and as recently as 2008 the game controlled over 60% of the MMORPG market share.

WoW Cataclysm Worgen

World of Warcraft Cataclysm HD Trailer

4. Eve OnlineEve Online is the original sci-fi space MMORPG. The game is over 6 years old and has over 300,000 paying subscribers. Although the graphics are due for an overhaul, the unique gameplay and active virtual economy in the Eve Online MMORPG make it one of a kind and one of the best online games.

Eve Online was developed by CCP games and is currently distributed by Atari. It launched in May of 2003.

Eve Online Top 10 MMORPG

EVE Online Apocrypha HD Trailer:

5. Age of Conan – Although Age of Conan is on its way out this barbarian massively multiplayer online role playing game still has beautiful graphics and arguably around 100,000 AoC paying subscribers.

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures uses the DreamWorld Engine. Since its launch in May of 2008 it has seen both tremendous success and terrible disappointment. A release on Xbox 360 is still in the works but it is unclear if that will happen in 2010 or not.

Age of Conan Second Coming

The Second Coming of Age of Conan Re-Evaluation Campaign HD Video:

6. Quake Live – Quake Live is a fan favorite with a long and rich history. Combine that with the fact the Quake Live is free-to-play and took the number one spot of our 10 Best MMOFPS Games and its place on this list is well deserved.

Quake Live was once known as Quake Zero and is a first person shooter from id Software. This is a browser based MMO FPS. Open beta started in February of 2009.

Quake Live 10 top MMOFPS

Quake Live First Person Shooter HD Gameplay & Trailer Video:

7. Warhammer Online- The Warhammer Online MMORPG recently added new content with the Land of the Dead expansion and the game has expanded to Russia and Asia. At its high point Warhammer Online commanded 800,000 paying subscribers. These numbers have since dropped to under 300,000 paying subscribers.

Warhammer online launched in September of 2008 from Mythic Entertainment and Electronic Arts. The game received high rankings among GameSpy and Gamespot as well as others.

Warhammer Online HD Gameplay Video:

8. Star Trek Online – The Star Trek Online MMORPG is quite simply amazing and the wet dream of every Star Trek fan that ever lived. The blending of ground combat and massive battles in space, wealth of lore and content, and huge level of customization make this a no brainer for the number 2 spot on this list.

Star Trek Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game from Atari and Cryptic Studios. February 2, 2010 is the official release date for this game set in the 25th century.

Check out the below high definition gameplay videos.

Star Trek Online

HD Video Tour of Deep Space Nine in Star Trek Online:

Star Trek Online Federation Character Customization HD Video:

Star Trek Online Klingon Space Combat HD Gameplay Video:

HD Federation Ground Combat of Star Trek Online MMORPG Beta Video:

9. Champions OnlineChampions Online launched in September of 2009. This is the latest superhero MMORPG. Cryptic is devoted to fixing any problems and adding new content to this massively multiplayer online role playing game. The character customization and gameplay is a lot of fun.

Champions Online is from Cryptic Studios and Atari. An Xbox 360 version is also in development.

Champions Online Release

Champions Online HD Gameplay Video:

10. Free RealmsFree Realms is a very popular MMORPG aimed at teenagers and younger players. This free MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment has pulled out all the stops in content creation. With over 5 million players Free Realms is a force to be reckoned with.

Free Realms HD Gameplay Video:

11. All Points BulletinAll Points Bulletin is still in beta but this massively multiplayer online role playing game has been called the Grand Theft Auto MMORPG. Check out the high definition gameplay video and it is easy to see why this online game already deserves a spot on the top 10 MMORPG list.

All Points Bulletin Gameplay

New All Points Bulletin HD Gameplay video:

Author: Brian F. | Files under MMOs

10 responses. Wanna say something?

  1. Jeff
    Oct 6, 2009 at 06:21:26

    omfg. Aion comes out a month ago and it’s number 1? and WoW is 3??!! you GOT to be kidding me. you said it yourself, it has over 12 million subscribers, it takes up more than half the market. that ALONE makes it number 1, no questions. I honestly don’t get it. I just dont get it at all.

  2. admin
    Oct 6, 2009 at 12:26:12


    Out with the old and in with the new.

  3. J
    Oct 22, 2009 at 18:24:53

    i thought wizard101 would be up there because i think it is way better than freerealms.

  4. Nokkoo
    Jan 5, 2010 at 04:22:51

    I don’t pretty agree with J, Wizard 101 is sorta a child game, and I don’t seem to see a plot in the whole game

  5. Flo
    Jan 10, 2010 at 11:15:20

    Metin2 is the best Game…

  6. Linda
    Jul 3, 2010 at 05:14:34

    Where has second life gone. And also club penguin and Buddy Isles

  7. Jonnnny
    Mar 30, 2011 at 17:21:42

    Aion being number one requireds a VIDEO CARD costing about 200$$$ with out one you cant play being too expencive to bother same with Age of Conan… But why is AOC even on the list I thought they were going to shut the whole game down its hanging on for life and but it on the top ten??! noo.. lol WORLD OF WARCRAFT IS #1 requireing a lower video card ussaly a regular one my 2002 pc could run it no problem it’s the most succseful MMORPG. Runes of magic on top ten?!? wtf its same with Free relums its a game for 10 year olds it shouldnt be on the top 30 even.. Runes of magic is free WOWC clone !FREE! And put it above all the other paid games??.. Dum as rocks. Im a complete gammer and never heard of most of these games ever being on the top 30. This site is all messed up with game order.
    I played all games but ABP (never heard of it) Star trec, and EVE. I wont judge those cause i never played them

  8. Robey
    Mar 30, 2011 at 17:33:13

    Agreed with Jonnny WOW #1 no video card reqiured

  9. Gammerunlimited
    Mar 30, 2011 at 17:52:29

    World of warcraft is number one requireing no video card requird above Aion (in my opinion) Aion needs a 100-200$ video card but it is number one if you can play it.

    Aion- Video card reqired or Gammers labtop.

    World of warcraft- Most succseful paid game mmorpg my pc 2002 could run it no problem.

    Age of Conan- Reqires Video card severs being shut down one by one shouldnt be on list but I guess it should by this website judgement but i guess its better it has to be.

    Free to play games on here why?

    Free realems, Runes of magic , Champoins online(is now free). But I guess the list is ok. I played all of these btw.
    These are paid2play but worth it!
    Aion 9.5/10 (my opinion) -Video card required-
    World of warcraft 9.0 (my opinion)
    Warhammer online 8.0/10 (my opinoin)
    Age of conan 8.5/10 (my opinion) -Video card required-

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