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Quake Live Billboard Ads Piss Me Off – Here are Some Suggestions

Quake Live is a free to play browser based massively multiplayer first person shooter online game. It is ad supported and Id Software has partnered with IGA to manage ads, sponsorships, and branding. The ads appear in Quake Live in billboards and also on stats and other screens. The advertisements do not show bullet holes when players shoot them so they can not be defaced or graffitied. Sponsors include Dell Computers, Xmen Origins: Wolverine, Schick, Crank 2, and more.

The Billboard Ads in Quake Live Piss Me Off

I don’t really know why but the ads in Quake Live piss me off. I understand that they support the game. They just don’t feel right. Maybe it is because they are invulnerable and I can’t shoot them.

More Effective Billboard Ads in Quake Live: Regenerate 5 Seconds After You Destroy Them & Shooting One is an Action Causing Site to Open in Blank Window

Nothing in a game should be invulnerable. In fact I would be more likely to look at an ad if I could destroy it and then it regenerated 5 seconds later. Id Software should experiment with billboard ads in QuakeLive that can be destroyed and regenerate 5 seconds later and see if the click through rate is any higher. Or maybe destroying an ad is an action that opens the site of the advertiser in a blank window.

Below is a video of the various ads in Quake Live. Check it out and see if they bother you or not.

Gameplay Video of Billboard Ads in Quake Live:

Author: Brian F. | Files under Rants

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  1. Jason
    Apr 16, 2009 at 03:20:36

    Would you rather pay to play?

  2. udifhgid
    Aug 29, 2010 at 13:45:06

    They dont rely piss me off, but i agree that they dont feel right either. BTW, really nice skills.

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